As parents we get to witness so many incredible firsts. Whether it’s the first time hearing, “Mama” and “Dada”, or discovering your baby loves a new food, we delight in every new experience and milestone. 
As my son G got closer to his first birthday, we wondered when he would start walking.  His big sister took her first steps about ten days before her first birthday.  I’ve heard of babies starting much earlier, but some start much later. You just never know when that 
moment will come, but you wait and watch with anticipation for those first signs of independence.
Well, G’s big moment came a few days after his birthday.  I was doing something on my iPhone that seemed so important at the time, and I missed it!  I couldn’t even tell you exactly what I was doing, but I’ll always remember not witnessing that major event. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to see him take a couple more steps that same morning. 
A couple weeks went by with a lot of crawling and plenty of cruising, but no more attempts at walking.  Then last night, almost out of nowhere, he took about four steps!  It was just the two of us in the kitchen, and I felt so lucky to catch it.   We went in the living room, and he walked a few more times before seeming exhausted and ready for bed.  It was such a simple moment, but so amazing.  Of course we spent plenty of time trying to help him get ready to walk, but I’m sure he would have figured it out without us.  Babies are fearless learners; they practice intensely and are not afraid to look silly while they learn. 
People keep telling me to look out now that G is ready to walk.  I will, with a big smile. 
When did your little one take his or her first steps?  If you have more than one kid, was it the same or different with each?