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  • Guidelines to Car Seat Transition

    There has always been confusion as to the appropriate time to move your child to the next car seat, or when it’s ok to have your baby forward-facing.  Here are some helpful tips during your transition. read more
  • Helpful Coping Tips from One Military Family to Another

    Elizabeth Jackson, Summer Infant's CMO, shares personal tips for helping families during a loved one's deployment. read more
  • Car Seat Safety: Snowsuits vs. Blankets

    As winter approaches, be sure to read these helpful tips on how to keep baby warm, and safe in their car seats.  read more
  • Finding the Right Car Seat

    As a Car Seat Instructor I’ve had the opportunity to talk to many parents. They all seem to struggle with the same issue of deciding which car seat is the right car seat for their new baby. read more
  • Breastfeeding and the Working Mom

    My maternity leave with my daughter was a few of the best months of my life. So when it came time to returning to work I knew it was going to be tough, regardless of whether or not I was breastfeeding. read more