Tru-Temp™ Bottle Warming System

Tru-Temp™ Bottle Warming System Item #46573

The Tru-Temp™  Bottle Warming System is designed to safely warm breast milk and formula.  You can easily warm a 5oz bottle to the perfect temperature in just three minutes. For nighttime feedings, the removable, insulated cooler feature will keep 2 bottles cool for up to 8 hours before warming. Superior convenience has never been easier.

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What moms love

  • Designed to safely warm breast milk and formula to achieve the optimal warming temperature
  • Dial bottle size to automatically calculate warming time, eliminates guesswork
  • Warms a 5oz bottle in approximately 3 minutes and 9oz bottle in 4-6 minutes, with automatic shut-off
  • Visual indicators count down time and indicate when bottle is ready
  • Refill water just once a day with no measuring required
  • Removable, insulated cooler feature keeps two bottles cool for up to 8 hours for convenient nighttime feeding
  • Stainless styling matches home décor